GESCHEIN – Eau de Parfum

Vienna, Austria, 2020


“GESCHEIN” is an unisex perfume inspired by the blossom of wine-plants. It is the scent of a dreamy full moon night of blue light, wood and blooming wine. A surreal scene of an “Midsummernights dream”. The perfume was created by Alexander Lauber and Nathalie Feisthauer. I was invited by talented Florian Kowatz from KR8 Bureau to make a concept for a display and a photographic translation of the design concept.




Inspired by glass domes of the 19th century, used as display or decoration. Glass domes have been filled with memories and precious things over hundreds of years. Like small dioramas, they where bought to show wealth.

For “GESCHEIN” we wanted a little less naturalistic setup, so we implemented a mixture of materials to create a strong antagonist.

For the photographic concept I wanted to add a thin aerial layer which flows through everything. It fits the visual identity of the perfume perfectly.

If you want to dig deeper into the world of “GESCHEIN” here is a little making of video